About Us

Hello everyone. Welcome to uk2msia.authentic. I am Liz, your trusted Malaysian personal shopper living in the UK.

I am residing in the UK and came here in 2016 to pursue my studies. I’ve completed my studies now but continue to be your friendly personal shopper because I love to go for shopping on behalf of you to hunt for the best bargain from the UK. My aim is to provide high quality service and affordable original branded items so that we can say NO TO FAKE items.

I will be posting items on sale and good bargains from Bicester Village Outlet and any UK websites. Follow my social medias at https://linktr.ee/uk2msia . Sometimes the prices are unbelievably cheaper. Please do not hesitate to whatsapp me for any queries. I am friendly and no obligations to purchase if you are not happy with the items.

Happy Shopping with Liz 

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